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Welcome to Rose Brook Golf Course in Silver Creek, New York. All guests are invited to register to receive the latest news from the club, as well as access to our exclusive online specials. Call 716-934-2825 or Request a Tee Time Online.

Welcome to Rose Brook Golf Course - Silver Creek Golf  
(Hours of Operation 7:30am - Dark)

Built in the late 60's by one man with a dream to own a golf course. He was a retired iron worker and part time inventor that actually made it "semi big", by inventing the popcorn machine. One famous lore attached to the history of the then called Cloverleaf Golf Course is an incident where the man accidentally drove his bulldozer over the edge of the 100 deep gorge and survived. The tale says a pop can got stuck under the brake of the dozer and he couldn't stop it from going over the edge. So instead of jumping he rode the dozer down and landed safely at the bottom of the gorge. He tried to drive it up the slope but to no avail. So, he drove the dozer some 2 miles down the gorge until the cliffs were not so high and proceeded to drive out of the Rose Brook Creek on to the highway and back to Cloverleaf Golf Course.

The man died and his family ran the course for some years until two brothers from Amherst purchased it sometime in the late 70's. The course was left in disrepair for many years . In fact it had many dubious nicknames as the "Cow Pasture", "The Rock Pile" and greens that were called "browns".

In 1988 the place had been for sale for some time when a group of brothers and brothers -in- law had a vision for a place that most thought had no chance. Taking over in 1989, the newly formed family corporation Emmco started the turnaround of Cloverleaf Golf Course into a very pleasant, well maintained, 9 hole facility. The first thing was to change the name. So, they appropriately named it after the gorge and creek that gives it its character and challenge. So Rose Brook Golf Course was born again. I am sure the man that had the original dream would be happy to see his dream in the right hands.

After bringing Rose Brook up to standards in 1995, the Emmco Golfing Enterprises LTD decided it was time to make their vision a reality and started building the back nine. With the help of friends, family and customers doing almost all of the work by hand for 2 years straight, the back nine opened in 1997. Like most new things, it needed to mature a little longer. So it was not perfect at the start. But now, after 11 seasons with 18 holes, Rose Brook is being discovered everyday by more and more golfers.

Nestled in the vineyards of northern Chautauqua County and located near the lake resort areas of Angola on the Lake , Sunset Bay, Hideaway Bay and Chadwick Bay, Rose Brook has become a great destination for vacationers that enjoy the beach as much as they do an 18 hole round of golf.

Rose Brook features many challenging hole's and picturesque scenery that is highlighted by the Rose Brook Creek Gorge running through and coming into play on many holes. It also features 12 ponds with a few traps scattered throughout. The length is not daunting. But, with 5 par 5's 9 par 4's and 4 par 3' including one over the 100' deep gorge and one over a huge pond, from a picturesque elevated tee, Rose Brook is just challenging enough for the seasoned golfer, but not too severe to ruin a good vacation round of golf.

The Club House bar and grille features sandwich food and a full service liquor patio bar. Sit and have lunch or a few cocktails while viewing the golf course from a seat in the sun or under the deck.

The course and the Club house are great. However, what makes Rose Brook special is the management's dedication to customers having an enjoyable, fun day when visiting. We strive to keep a laid back atmosphere and welcome golfers of all skill levels. For 20 years, we have been known as "the working man's country club". There are no stuffed shirts or club house politics... just fun, sun ,golf and a relaxing atmosphere. So come on out to the lake and beaches. Stop at Rose Brook and play 9, play 18 or just have a cocktail on the patio. Then, head to the shore to watch the greatest sunsets in the world. We are not just a golf course; we are a "vacation from life's hassles".